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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dog Love Compatibility 2014

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Perfect Dog Love Match 2014: Rat, Horse and Dragon

Dog and Rat: Chinese Dog Love Compatibility 2014 with a Rat person will be mind blowing and worth citing examples for others. Both these people will not be able to survive without each other for a second.

Dog and Ox: If you wish to see how a relationship falls out, then the best example would be to see a love match between Chinese Ox and Dog people in the year 2014. Both these people will not be able to tolerate each other’s company for a long period of time.

Dog and Tiger: Chinese Tigers will prove lucky for Chinese Dog people and they will return this luck by showering immense love and gifts on their Tiger life partners in the following year.

Dog and Rabbit: Staying away from each other would be advisable for Chinese Dog and Rabbit people in the coming year, as nothing will be in common or in harmony between these two in 2014.

Dog and Dragon: A love match between Chinese Dog and Dragon person will be full of excitement and fun. These people would love traveling to different places with each other and do almost everything together.

Dog and Snake: Chinese Dog will be too much dominating in a love union with Chinese Snake people in the year ahead. This love relationship will be dull and boring due to lack of emotions and love.

Dog and Horse: Dog people and Horse people according to Chinese Astrology will form a passionate love pair in the coming year. There will be nothing short of an extended honeymoon for both these people in love.

Dog and Goat: Dog Chinese Love Compatibility 2014 with Chinese Goat people will be an average match, as their will be fun and quarrels at the same time between these people.

Dog and Monkey: Monkeys and Dogs are not meant to be loved by each other in the coming year, as both will be witty and clever enough to make the other feel offended. Avoiding this love match is advisable for both.

Dog and Rooster: Chinese Dogs will support their Rooster life partner in professional as well as personal life. Only problem that could arise between this love bond will be too much blind trust on each other.

Dog and Dog: Two Chinese Dogs coming together in a love relationship will be hot and sizzling, as both will be desperate to make love and be loved by each other. This will be a rocking love bond in the following year.

Dog and Pig: Pigs and Dogs in a love bond will be like cats and dogs put in a cage fighting over every petty issue in the life. Don’t go for this love affair in the Chinese Horse Year 2014.

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