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Monday, July 22, 2013

Dragon Love Compatibility 2014

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Perfect Dragon Love Match 2014: Rabbit, Rat and Ox

Dragon and Rat: Dragon Love Compatibility 2014 with a Rat person will be just great and full of romance. These people will be lucky for each other in domestic and professional spheres as well.

Dragon and Ox: Chinese Dragons and Oxen will form an ideal love pairing in 2014, where nothing will be less than a fairy tale full of passion, excitement and love.

Dragon and Tiger: Dragons and Tigers will form a boring love match in the following year, as none of them will try to experiment and bring more passion in their love life.

Dragon and Rabbit: Dragon Love Compatibility 2014 with a Chinese Rabbit will catch the eyes of everyone around due to so much passion and love between them. Both these people will be so immersed in each other that nothing will come in between.

Dragon and Dragon: Two Dragons coming together romantically in a love bond in 2014 will have drastic results not only on each other but also on others around them, so stay away.

Dragon and Snake: Dragon Love Compatibility 2014 with a Dragon person will be worth watching for its love quotient. Both these people will make out and fight out in interesting ways.

Dragon and Horse: Chinese Horse Love Compatibility 2014 with a Dragon person will be like the best love compatibility for the Horses. These people will gel well so romantically as if stuck with glue, no matter whatever situation will come, they will be able to overcome it.

Dragon and Goat: Goats and Dragons will be able to form an average sort of love pair in the year ahead with the Dragons always commanding and Goats always following their orders without any complaints.

Dragon and Monkey: Dragons and Monkeys together in a love match in the Horse Year will be dramatic to watch at due to their own shortcomings. Both will wait to fight with each other on small things.

Dragon and Rooster: Dragons and Roosters will be a match like fire and ice put together in a box. Both these people will hardly agree on one point and will find issues to fight on.

Dragon and Dog: A love match between Chinese Dog and Dragon person will be full of excitement and fun. These people would love traveling to different places with each other and do almost everything together.

Dragon and Pig: Dragons will always be eager to irritate the Pigs in a love relationship, which will be the main reason for a fall out. Avoiding such a love bond is advisable, as it will not stay for a longer time.

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