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Monday, July 22, 2013

Horse Love Compatibility 2014

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Perfect Horse Love Match 2014: Horse, Dragon and Monkey

Horse and Rat: Horse Chinese Love Compatibility 2014 with a Rat will be a not so good and a not so bad one. Both these people will always think of some shortcomings in each other instead of admiring the qualities.

Horse and Ox: Oxen and Horses will form an interesting love pair in the coming year due to their strange interests that will keep the other one interested in them almost throughout the coming year.

Horse and Tiger: Chinese Horses and Tigers will form an idealistic love pair that will be devoid of any sort of fantasy and fun, as a result this love pair will feel bored of each other soon.

Horse and Rabbit: Rabbits and Horses will keep the pace of love life going on at a fast level in a love match in the Chinese New Year 2014. However, in this fast pace, they will start neglecting the essential needs in a love relationship.

Horse and Dragon: Chinese Horse Love Compatibility 2014 with a Dragon person will be like the best love compatibility for the Horses. These people will gel well so romantically as if stuck with glue, no matter whatever situation will come, they will be able to overcome it.

Horse and Snake: Chinese Snakes will be too cunning for the fast moving Horse people in the Horse Year 2014. Both these people will not be able to match to each other’s desires and requirements.

Horse and Horse: Two Chinese Horse people will go a long run in a love relationship. Both will know the art of forgiving and moving ahead and this will form the basis of their strong love bond in 2014.

Horse and Goat: Horses and Goats are not to be kept together in a love relationship in the following year; else the circumstances will be drastic to watch out for. These people won’t be able to stand each other for a longer time.

Horse and Monkey: Horses and Monkeys will be like icing on a cake in a relationship. Both these people will support and care for each other unconditionally and without limits.

Horse and Rooster: If there is a saying like opposites attract, then it will be true for Roosters and Horses in a love bond in the year ahead. Both these people will be so different yet so much in love with each other.

Horse and Dog: Dog people and Horse people according to Chinese Astrology will form a passionate love pair in the coming year. There will be nothing short of an extended honeymoon for both these people in love.

Horse and Pig: Pigs and Horses will support each other in home affairs and professional affairs yet there will be something missing in this love match in the coming year.

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