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Monday, July 22, 2013

Monkey Love Compatibility 2014

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Perfect Monkey Love Match 2014: Goat, Ox and Horse

Monkey and Rat: Monkeys and Rats will go hand in hand in a professional relationship but not in a love relationship in the coming year. Both these people will wait for each other to make the first move in love.

Monkey and Ox: Chinese Monkeys will be like made for Chinese Ox people in the year ahead. There will be so much harmony and love between them that people around them will cite their examples.

Monkey and Tiger: Tigers and Monkeys in a love bond will form a boring and static love relationship. There will lack of passion and enthusiasm between them to enjoy their love life.

Monkey and Rabbit: Rabbits and Monkeys will like each other but will wait for the other person to take the initiative and propose each other due to which a third person will take the advantage.

Monkey and Dragon: Dragons and Monkeys together in a love match in the Horse Year will be dramatic to watch at due to their own shortcomings. Both will wait to fight with each other on small things.

Monkey and Snake: Chinese Monkeys will try hard to change the habits of hinese Snakes according to them and this will result in a total fall out of the love bond between them.

Monkey and Horse: Horses and Monkeys will be like icing on a cake in a relationship. Both these people will support and care for each other unconditionally and without limits.

Monkey and Goat: Monkey Love Compatibility 2014 with a Goat will be exceptional in the Horse Year. Both these people will understand each other even without uttering words.

Monkey and Monkey: Two Monkeys together in a love relationship means a catastrophic love relationship in the coming year. Both will think that they are the jack of all trades but this over confidence will take them apart gradually.

Monkey and Rooster: Clever Monkeys will take time to woo and impress the Roosters as love mates in the coming year. Both these people will gel so well romantically that nothing will be able to come in between them.

Monkey and Dog: Monkeys and Dogs are not meant to be loved by each other in the coming year, as both will be witty and clever enough to make the other feel offended. Avoiding this love match is advisable for both.

Monkey and Pig: Chinese Monkeys will be jealous of the success of their Pig life partners and gradually they will work against them. Overall, this love match won’t work for a longer time.

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