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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pig Love Compatibility 2014

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Perfect Pig Love Match 2014: Rabbit, Goat and Horse

Pig and Rat: A love match between Chinese Pig and Rats will be a difficult one in the coming year due to difference of opinions on almost all aspects of life. Both these people will take time to adjust with each other.

Pig and Ox: Pigs and Oxen will enjoy a passionate love life together especially in the middle of the Chinese Horse Year 2014. Both these people will inspire each other to achieve new goals in life.

Pig and Tiger: Issue of dominance will spoil the love relationship between a Pig and Tiger person in the coming year. These people will strive to get an upper hand over the other in almost all personal or professional matters.

Pig and Rabbit: Chances of a long lasting love relationship between a Chinese Pig and Rabbit are strongest in the year ahead. Both these people will support each other in the most difficult situations and both these people will not be able to separate from each other for a moment.

Pig and Dragon: Dragons will always be eager to irritate the Pigs in a love relationship, which will be the main reason for a fall out. Avoiding such a love bond is advisable, as it will not stay for a longer time.

Pig and Snake: Chinese Pigs and Snakes will be like icing on the cake, they will be so compatible that others will cite their examples for a happy married life. Do go ahead for this love match.

Pig and Horse: Pigs and Horses will support each other in home affairs and professional affairs yet there will be something missing in this love match in the coming year.

Pig and Goat: Goats will be like made for Pigs in a love match between the two, these people will be so much compatible to each other that there will find it hard to quarrel on any point.

Pig and Monkey: Chinese Monkeys will be jealous of the success of their Pig life partners and gradually they will work against them. Overall, this love match won’t work for a longer time.

Pig and Rooster: Pig Chinese Love Compatibility 2014 with a Rooster will be of an average sort in which both will somehow adjust to each other but with no true love feelings in heart.

Pig and Dog: Pigs and Dogs in a love bond will be like cats and dogs put in a cage fighting over every petty issue in the life. Don’t go for this love affair in the Chinese Horse Year 2014.

Pig and Pig: Two Pigs together in a love bond will be of same temperament and shortcomings, so a love relationship between the two will be boring and static in 2014.

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