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Monday, July 22, 2013

Rooster Love Compatibility 2014

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Perfect Rooster Love Match 2014: Rat, Snake and Goat

Rooster and Rat: Roosters and Rats will be like made for each other. There will be hardly any time, when both of these people will live for a moment without each other. These people will in fact raise jealousy in others around them.

Rooster and Ox: Oxen will try to dominate the egoistic Roosters as a result confusions and fights between them will begin to arise in Chinese Horse Year 2014. Both these people will somehow manage to live together despite of lots of issues.

Rooster and Tiger: Ferocious nature of the Chinese Tiger people will not be tolerated by the timid yet clever Rooster people in the coming year. This type of love match will not last for a longer time.

Rooster and Rabbit: Chinese Rooster Love Compatibility 2014 with a Rabbit will be fun filled and full of passion. Both these people will support each other professionally as well personally.

Rooster and Dragon: Dragons and Roosters will be a match like fire and ice put together in a box. Both these people will hardly agree on one point and will find issues to fight on.

Rooster and Snake: Snakes and Roosters will be a perfect love match to look at in the coming year. There will be a perfect balance of love, emotions, care and trust between these two people.

Rooster and Horse: If there is a saying like opposites attract, then it will be true for Roosters and Horses in a love bond in the year ahead. Both these people will be so different yet so much in love with each other.

Rooster and Goat: Rooster Love Compatibility 2014 with a Goat will be remarkable due to same interests. Both these people will achieve new things in their life just because of great trust and love between them.

Rooster and Monkey: Clever Monkeys will take time to woo and impress the Roosters as love mates in the coming year. Both these people will gel so well romantically that nothing will be able to come in between them.

Rooster and Rooster: Two Roosters together in a love bond will be lovely to watch at but the reality will be different, as both will only show off their love but will not mean it in the real sense.

Rooster and Dog: Chinese Dogs will support their Rooster life partner in professional as well as personal life. Only problem that could arise between this love bond will be too much blind trust on each other.

Rooster and Pig: Roosters are not meant to be loved by Dogs in Chinese Astrology for 2014. Both these people will quarrel on petty things and ultimately the result will be a total fall out of the relationship. 

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