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Monday, July 22, 2013

Snake Love Compatibility 2014

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Perfect Snake Love Match 2014: Rat, Dragon and Pig

Snake and Rat: Chinese Snakes will be the perfect love partners for the clever Chinese Rats in 2014. There will be nothing that will be worth admiring and loving in this sort of love bonding.

Snake and Ox: Oxen with a Snake will form a not so good and a not so bad love pairing. Both will be busy in their own lives and will give less time to each other and won’t even complain for it.

Snake and Tiger: Snake Love Compatibility 2014 with a Tiger will be a quarrelsome relationship due to lack of interest in each other. These people will give priority to others instead of each other.

Snake and Rabbit: Chinese Snakes will be too fast for the Rabbits to catch the speed in normal day to day life in a love relationship in 2014. Both these people will have different priorities and likings that will keep them apart.

Snake and Dragon: Chinese Snake Love Compatibility 2014 with a Dragon person will be worth watching for its love quotient. Both these people will make out and fight out in interesting ways.

Snake and Snake: Two Snake persons coming together in a love relationship will be like two cats put together to fight and almost kill each other. Both these people will be greedy and would like to get everything that is best while neglecting each other.

Snake and Horse: Chinese Snakes will be too cunning for the fast moving Horse people in the Horse Year 2014. Both these people will not be able to match to each other’s desires and requirements.

Snake and Goat: Chances of a betrayal is predicted in a love match between a Chinese Snake, who loves to wander around and the timid Ram in the Chinese Horse Year 2014.

Snake and Monkey: Dragons and Monkeys together in a love match in the Horse Year will be dramatic to watch at due to their own shortcomings. Both will wait to fight with each other on small things.

Snake and Rooster: Snakes and Roosters will be a perfect love match to look at in the coming year. There will be a perfect balance of love, emotions, care and trust between these two people.

Snake and Dog: Chinese Dog will be too much dominating in a love union with Chinese Snake people in the year ahead. This love relationship will be dull and boring due to lack of emotions and love.

Snake and Pig: Chinese Pigs and Snakes will be like icing on the cake, they will be so compatible that others will cite their examples for a happy married life. Do go ahead for this love match.

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