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Monday, July 22, 2013

Tiger Love Compatibility 2014

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Perfect Tiger Love Match 2014: Ox, Goat and Dog

Tiger and Rat: Tigers and Rats will form a strange sort of love bonding in the Horse Year 2014. Apart from the size, the cunningness of both will become a spoil sport in this kind of a love match.

Tiger and Ox: Chinese Tiger Love Compatibility 2014 with an Ox will be mind blowing due to common interests and liking and disliking. Both these people will enjoy in each other’s company no matter how many odds come in between.

Tiger and Tiger: Two Tigers coming together romantically will form a drastic love bonding in the year ahead. Both will try to have the upper hand and this will develop many fighting scenarios between the two.

Tiger and Rabbit: Chinese Tigers will like the beautiful and innocent Rabbits in this love pairing in 2014 yet there will be something that will come in between and spoil this relationship in the coming year.

Tiger and Dragon: Dragons and Tigers will form a boring love match in the following year, as none of them will try to experiment and bring more passion in their love life.

Tiger and Snake: Tiger Love Compatibility 2014 with a Snake will be a quarrelsome relationship due to lack of interest in each other. These people will give priority to others instead of each other.

Tiger and Horse: Chinese Horses and Tigers will form an idealistic love pair that will be devoid of any sort of fantasy and fun, as a result this love pair will feel bored of each other soon.

Tiger and Goat: Tigers and Goats in a love bond will be a good match, as the Tigers will rule and Goats will obey them without a word. These people will almost be seen in harmony in the coming year except some situations.

Tiger and Monkey: Tigers and Monkeys in a love bond will form a boring and static love relationship. There will lack of passion and enthusiasm between them to enjoy their love life.

Tiger and Rooster: Ferocious nature of the Chinese Tiger people will not be tolerated by the timid yet clever Rooster people in the coming year. This type of love match will not last for a longer time.

Tiger and Dog: Chinese Tigers will prove lucky for Chinese Dog people and they will return this luck by showering immense love and gifts on their Tiger life partners in the following year.

Tiger and Pig: Issue of dominance will spoil the love relationship between a Pig and Tiger person in the coming year. These people will strive to get an upper hand over the other in almost all personal or professional matters.

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